VPN application installation


The application is used to securely connect to the corporate environment.


Installation procedure

Commissioning of
two-factor verification

  As a first step, we will set up a two-factor verification.
Manual we have sent you the together with the login credentials in an email.

We will download the client

We will open a web portal. We will log in with the login credentials sent to us and we will download the client corresponding to our operating system.

We will perform the installation

No installation parameters need to be entered during installation.

Connecting to EA

After installing the GlobalProtect client, we will search for and open the application.
In the lower right corner of the screen. We are shown a table, where we enter the address of the portal.

Enter the address:


First login

 In the next step, we are prompted to enter your login details. We will enter the  login credentials  provided by EA.
Next we will confirm the second factor in the mobile application.

Successful connection

We are now logged in.

Disconnect with the "Disconnect" button.


Gegeral info about the application

The system where you install the Windows agent release has the following minimum requirements:

    • CPU— 4 cores
    • Hard disk space— 10MB
    • Memory— 4GB RAM